About Us

About College

Welcome to Shree J.B.Thacker Commerce College, The College is Managed by People's Education Society. The College is affiliated with KSKV Kutch University - Bhuj.

The College has 3 Years Graduate Course : B.com

We welcome the initiative taken by the KSKV Kutch University to introduce the Semester cum Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). We believe that CBCS will give our students an opportunity to learn a wide range of subjects thus increasing their knowledgebase, and the overall pattern of continuous evaluation will help reduce exam stress. Our faculty is perfectly equipped to nurture, guide and encourage our students throughout their journey at Shree J.B.Thacker Commerce College Bhuj.

Besides the theoretical knowledge that our students imbibe from our well-qualified and energetic faculty, they also receive sound practical training to support their knowledge. We encourage our students to widen their horizons and to keep pace with changing times.

The college has been constantly endeavouring to empower students to take on future challenges through emphasis on efficient teaching, discipline and diligence, inculcation of values and exposure to refinement. We bring together a fine blend of resources like impressive infrastructure, excellent academic inputs, enriching cultural and sports activities for personal growth and development of leadership qualities and team spirit. Our students bring along their dreams and we show them the means to fulfill them – “Widening Horizons” is what we believe in.

Our Goals

  • To expose students to stimulating learning situations inside the class-rooms for continuous academic growth, development and achievement of excellence.
  • To create a dynamic campus climate to help students to adapt to the changing contemporary trends for better career opportunities.
  • To provide a valuable college experience to enhance articulation, self understanding, co-existence and cultural sensitivity.
  • To enhance leadership potential and applicability of knowledge for successive period of personal life and professional career.

Our Mission

"Shree J.B.Thacker Commerce College strives to widen the knowledge horizons of its commerce students beyond boundaries to lead them to be in tune with tomorrow so as to contribute the best in the economic and cultural empowerment of the nation. It aims to further hone the students’ intellectual acumen, personal discipline and moral conviction."



We provide you with an open access library for independent browsing and a spacious, well lighted reading room, for undisturbed study hour.


A sprawling green campus with a colossal sports ground for various games and sports, a large open plaza equipped with a Public Address System and a permanent stage where various programmes can be hosted, are the unique features of the JBTCC campus.

Class Rooms

Well ventilated, lighted and spacious class rooms equipped with class-room broadcast system to facilitate easy interaction between teachers and students. These rooms are also equipped with audio – video facility for teaching.

Digital English Language Lab (DELL):

A powerful audio-visual tool with 24 stations connected with a server for independent practice under expert guidance for English language proficiency development and effective speaking, listening, reading and writing, for you to enrich, enhance and empower your language.